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Green is More Than Clean

As a firm committed to environmental awareness and responsible (green) practices, R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource® is cognizant of our actions and how they impact the environment around us. Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction with the services we provide, while constantly exploring ways to improve our performance.

We proactively search for ways to upgrade our business processes and procedures in order to reduce any harmful effects our activities may have on our planet.

For example, R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource® is committed to reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. This is being implemented through coordination of delivery schedules at our strategically located facilities across the North American continent. Because we stock thousands of products from multiple manufacturers, you can order your inventory from multiple vendors through a single source. This allows you to receive more manageable quantities during expected delivery times.

More efficient, less frequent deliveries from multiple manufacturers offer the following benefits:

  • Access to a larger inventory for improved customer service: You can offer the products customers are demanding most, when they are buying
  • Reduced costs/management time required for handling inbound freight receipt and put-away
  • Improved utilization of warehouse space and inventory levels
  • Lowered labor and administrative costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption required when deliveries are made
    • This leaves more fuel, a non-renewable resource, available for the future.
    • Reduced truck emissions into the atmosphere, slowing the greenhouse effect on the environment.

R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource® also seeks out vendor partners who strive to improve their offerings while reducing their impact on the environment. For example, we look for those who use innovative solutions to implement green practices, such as:

  • Reduction in shipping unit size and the amount of raw material used to produce their product and package (for example, by using Bag-In-A-Box for packaging liquid products)
  • Using the CleanGredient™ database as a resource to create environmentally-friendly products

At the branch level, R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource® engages in recycling programs to help reduce the amount of waste that could end up in landfills while at the same time reducing the need for consuming raw materials, such as wood from trees, in order to produce paper.

From offering products, information and support to help you and your customers establish green clean programs, to personally making corporate choices that reduce the negative environmental impact we have on our world, R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource’s® goal is to be your source for green products.

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