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Ever wonder if purchasing product direct is really the right way to go? R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource is here to help. Introducing the R3 Decision Tree – a new tool designed to help and maximize your profitability. The innovative Decision Tree tool can help you determine if a vendor should be purchased directly or via a redistribution program. R3 realizes profitability is an important factor and understands determining the best solutions can be complicated and time consuming.  The Decision Tree tool is designed to perform that task easily. Use the tool, make a few simple selections based on your business and the Decision Tree will perform your calculations and turn results around fast.  Within seconds you will learn what the best solution is for your business. Register for the R3 Decision Tree Tool and take our challenge – let R3 show you how we can improve your future outlook by reducing operating costs, restructuring assets, grow earned income, sales and bottom line. Are you ready to take the R3 challenge? For more information contact your sales representative.

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